Do You Dream of Viral Posts?


It’s something most people who use social platforms for business dream of: a post that goes viral, whether on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Pinterest. Having millions of people like and share your post seems like the ultimate validation.

It all begins, of course, with writing a great post. We should actually rephrase that, and say that it pretty much begins and ends with writing a great post. As Corbett Barr so famously said in his must-read Fizzle post,

Write epic shit.

Easier said than done? The problem with having that bit of advice in your head all the time is that it absolutely puts the pressure on. What if you write a piece that is less than epic? What if it’s a good, thoughtful piece that you believe in anyway?

What we’re trying to say is, go ahead. Go for writing the epic stuff, but make sure it’s something you care about. A good post, one worthy enough to be shared, is one that disseminates information; something that leaves your reader, if not feeling awe-inspired, then at least a little bit more informed.

For example, let’s say you’re writing about a hot topic that’s been in the news lately: wartime comfort women. Recently, a group of South Korean women actually filed a lawsuit against their own government, demanding that they be compensated for being forced into sexual slavery for the US military at the close of the Korean War. Maybe you feel strongly about this topic because of your Korean heritage, or because you’re a woman, or simply because- well, because you’re a human being. The point is that this is a topic you care about.

So you write about it. You look deeper into the horrors of the Korean war, and discover that comfort women were a casualty of many other wars. You read about the Japanese comfort women of World War II and how Japan’s government set up a fund in atonement of their treatment. You write a post. You write a great, heartfelt post, and share it on your social networks, hashtagging properly, using whatever tools you have in your arsenal to make sure it gets in front of as many eyeballs as possible- and you hope it goes viral.

Or do you? Because, at this point, does it matter? The post is out there. You put your heart into it, and you know that whoever reads it will gain a greater understanding of the topic, a deeper glimpse into history and humanity.

There’s no need to reach for that magical “viral” post. Write about what you care about, and write to other people’s hearts, from your heart- and all your posts will be epic.


Using IFTTT to Manage Your Social Media Campaign

Managing a social media campaign can be very tedious with so many accounts to update or post on regularly. It becomes especially time consuming if you are managing the social media push for more than just one site or blog. Unless your entire job description is posting on social media sites and moderating comments, you can bet that other aspects of your work will be pushed aside or that you’ll end up not being able to be on top of your social campaign.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.59.22 PM

To keep the amount of daily tasks that need to be done on a more manageable level, it would be a good idea to automate those that you can. IFTTT (pronounced like gift but without the G) allows you to do this using a simple statement to create “recipes”. The statement “If this then that” lets you define an action (that) for every trigger (this) that occurs on your channels.

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It cannot be denied that social media is among the marketing platforms that many businesses use today to reach out to their target audience and attract more visitors. They even hold contests and giveaways using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others.


While there were earlier reports recommending business to move their contests to their own website, those who have been there and done that say otherwise. The more experienced in using social media strongly believe companies including small business owners should continue to utilize the social platforms in conducting their giveaways and other promotions for their followers. They stressed that while some fans may only just be purely following them, they should not lose hope and instead, develop a positive attitude that these followers will become future customers.

Giving up on social media is not the right thing to do for now and maybe, not even in the future. It is a powerful tool for capturing potential customers and engaging people to keep them loyal to your brand.
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New Analytic Tools to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Social media is a favorite tool by marketing people today. They use various sites, in particular Facebook and Twitter, to reach out to their target market and engage with them.


But in order to fully utilize their potential, it’s not enough to use social media alone. Using analytic tools together with them is most ideal as they can help you analyze your audience and their behavior online much better.

Many of you are very familiar with Google Analytics. It’s a popular analytics tool by search engine giant Google that can be used in multiple social media platforms. But there are new tools you can use today that can help you improve your social media performance.


This free and easy-to-use tool is best used with Facebook page. What it does is analyze your page in comparison with other pages, gives it a grade from 0 to 100 and provides suggestions on how to further improve your page. The recommendations can include comments by fans, questions, frequency of posts and posts by fans.
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Twitter Tools to Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

There’s no question that Twitter is helping a lot of entrepreneurs and business organizations in their marketing efforts. This popular social media platform has currently more than 200 million active users with some 340 million tweets being made each day.

I’m pretty sure you still want to improve on this aspect so here are must-have tools that can help you keep track of your marketing campaign and the behavior of your target audience.
Buffer is a free tool that lets you schedule your tweets in advance. It also provides data on the clicks you get, the number of retweets from your tweet and people who have retweeted or favorite your tweets. URL Shortener is one service you can use to shorten long urls you want to include in your tweets. It is very user friendly and has a simple design plus it also has analytics that can track the number of clicks on your links, the browser people use to read your posts and their location. [click to continue…]


Social Media Achievements in 2012

The year 2012 made so many achievements in the area of social media worldwide. Let’s look back at what these great moments were.
Firstly, the Facebook Timeline. There were a mix of positive and negative reactions with the change of the profile page to the Timeline. Eventually, users went with the flow and started uploading their most loved cover images.

President Barrack Obama at the start of the year held his first virtual interview with U.S. citizens using the Google+ Hangout. His victory in the U.S. elections was also attributed to his active use of the social media to engage with and be transparent to his followers and citizens of his country.

Pinterest also gained much popularity. In fact, it was voted as Best New Startup at the end of 2011. Interestingly, it was able to refer more business compared to LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.
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More Seniors Eager to Learn About Social Media

It’s true that many senior citizens do not use the internet these days or if they do, they have difficulty navigating through websites. Sometimes, they would ask their grandkids to help them properly use the computer or their smartphones.

But there’s a positive development as discovered by researchers. The latest news is that a growing number of seniors are utilizing technology and recognizing them as a vital tool that can help enrich their lives as they move through their twilight years.

A 2011 report also showed that the number of internet users aged 50 years old and above has almost doubled to 42 percent. Statistics in the U.S. showed that nearly 16 million people aged 55 and older are
using Facebook.
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New Marketing Tools Worth a Try

Social media continues to provide many benefits not only to private individuals but even to business owners utilizing it to attract more potential customers. When it comes to marketing products or services today, social media is one of the most powerful.

If you’re looking for new marketing tools to use, there are quite a number that many experts are utilizing today. Find out what these are and use them to improve your social media presence.

Cyfe – This is an all-in-one dashboard which allows users to monitor everything from social media and analytics to marketing, sales and support. This is great for teams with members who want to take a look at the interactions and want to learn more about their community.

Cloze – This tool can monitor your social network by letting you see the activity of people by date. In addition to monitoring, you can easily respond to your connections directly from the Cloze interface. As such, you don’t need to open several browsers or tabs to keep track of your social media accounts. It’s a big time-saver.
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LinkedIn Enhances Company Page Look

Do you run a business and have you established your presence on social media to promote your products or services? If you’re a business owner, you can utilize LinkedIn in addition to Facebook.

LinkedIn allows the creation of company pages just like Facebook. The site has a new layout now allowing people to easily follow and engage on your page.

To let you in on what’s new, here are the areas that you need to take advantage of to boost your company’s presence.

The banner image is a new feature. You can add this at the top of your company page very similar to Facebook’s cover image. You need to make sure, however, that the banner measures 646 x 220 pixels to
show the image and your branding clearly. Make this part as attractive as possible to spark the interest of visitors.

The About section is another place where you can provide a comprehensive information about your business. This is now situated at the bottom.

Don’t forget to provide your specialties as well. Here, you will need to use relevant keywords to make your company easily searchable on LinkedIn.

On the home tab, there are the Career and Products boxes that you can populate as well to let your visitors know more about what you do. They’re on the right sidebar. Experts stressed you need to provide your primary product while filling out the Product and Services section so it is shown in the box. It can be anything from a physical product to a downloadable one (free or paid) or even an event.

Another new addition to the LinkedIn company page is the Product Recommendations section. They are on the right sidebar visible to visitors viewing your page. These recommendations are important as they serve as your social proof which in turn helps increase your credibility.

Status updates have also been improved. This time, images that you post or those that are pulled from the link you paste are bigger. You can even choose the groups of followers you’d like to share your
update with. Social media specialists recommend customizing your updates to engage visitors and followers and more importantly, do it manually every time.

The other good news about this latest design of LinkedIn company pages is they’re now visible on mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet. By using the LinkedIn mobile apps, people visiting the site can now view your page. Now that’s a big plus! So what are you waiting for? Create your own company page on LinkedIn now.

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