How to Utilize Google+ in Marketing Your Business

Google+ may still be new in the social media circuit but it definitely has gained millions of users. Today, it is also being used by business owners in reaching out to their target market. Similar to any social networking site, Google+ can very well be tapped by business owners for marketing purposes.

For people with existing accounts in any Google service, a Google+ account is automatically created for you. You just need to update your profile in there once you’ve logged in using any of your login details.

One of the main reasons why you need to be in Google+ is the SEO advantage. Being a site owned by search engine giant Google, you have every opportunity to be easily searched and to enjoy better traffic to your website or blog which could translate to more customers.

Besides your profile, you can actually create a separate page for your business on this site similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Make it a point to choose the right category where your business fits and provide as much information as you can. It’s important as well to include a photo and tagline. Create a tagline that’s catchy and related to what you do to so that when people read it, they’ll know exactly what your business is about. As for your photo, use a unique one if possible and one that’s in line with what you do.

Another essential step is to have your Google+ page name verified. This is to let people know that it’s your official page, a genuine one created by a legitimate and real person.

Businesses should not ignore the presence of Google+ moving forward. While it is not yet that popular compared to the already existing social media sites, it can still benefit you in the future if you consistently make it as part of your marketing strategy.

Currently, the U.S. is the top user of this site at nearly 31.5 percent followed by India at 13.7 percent. Students make up the most number of users with engineers, consultants and managers coming in next. As of July 2011, it already recorded 11 million users.

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