LinkedIn Enhances Company Page Look

Do you run a business and have you established your presence on social media to promote your products or services? If you’re a business owner, you can utilize LinkedIn in addition to Facebook.

LinkedIn allows the creation of company pages just like Facebook. The site has a new layout now allowing people to easily follow and engage on your page.

To let you in on what’s new, here are the areas that you need to take advantage of to boost your company’s presence.

The banner image is a new feature. You can add this at the top of your company page very similar to Facebook’s cover image. You need to make sure, however, that the banner measures 646 x 220 pixels to
show the image and your branding clearly. Make this part as attractive as possible to spark the interest of visitors.

The About section is another place where you can provide a comprehensive information about your business. This is now situated at the bottom.

Don’t forget to provide your specialties as well. Here, you will need to use relevant keywords to make your company easily searchable on LinkedIn.

On the home tab, there are the Career and Products boxes that you can populate as well to let your visitors know more about what you do. They’re on the right sidebar. Experts stressed you need to provide your primary product while filling out the Product and Services section so it is shown in the box. It can be anything from a physical product to a downloadable one (free or paid) or even an event.

Another new addition to the LinkedIn company page is the Product Recommendations section. They are on the right sidebar visible to visitors viewing your page. These recommendations are important as they serve as your social proof which in turn helps increase your credibility.

Status updates have also been improved. This time, images that you post or those that are pulled from the link you paste are bigger. You can even choose the groups of followers you’d like to share your
update with. Social media specialists recommend customizing your updates to engage visitors and followers and more importantly, do it manually every time.

The other good news about this latest design of LinkedIn company pages is they’re now visible on mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet. By using the LinkedIn mobile apps, people visiting the site can now view your page. Now that’s a big plus! So what are you waiting for? Create your own company page on LinkedIn now.

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