Twitter’s New Profile Highlights Header Image

Twitter is one social media platform that never ceases to amaze its users. The site recently launched a new profile design that focuses on the header image.

The header image is the centerpiece of the recent Twitter changes. It can show your profile image and you can use this huge image to inform users about your business and what you offer.

This particular image works as a background of your profile photo, username, Twitter account name, bio, location and web link. Unlike Facebook’s cover image, it is larger in size and does not have limitations on what you can put on the image. As such, you can also include your website address, email address, special offers, hashtags and special announcements.

To maximize the use of this header image, you need to choose an appropriate photo that’s closely related to your business. You can show your products or people using your products.

Another tip is to pick a photo that shows the benefits people gain from your business. You may use an image of your event or a charity you’re strongly supporting.

You can also create a header image that includes your profile photo in the center.

Another creative idea is to make a collage of photos showing you in action either solo or with other people you work with or network with often.

You may also use graphics that describes what you do and your business offerings.

Keep in mind that the header image must be 1252 pixels in width and 626 pixels tall, below 5MB in size and must be bigger than 700 pixels to ensure quality when posted on Twitter.

You can add the header photo by going to your Settings and then Design section. Look for the customize your own at the bottom of the Design page then click change header. Find the header image from your PC and upload. Your Twitter header image will now be displayed.

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