New Analytic Tools to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Social media is a favorite tool by marketing people today. They use various sites, in particular Facebook and Twitter, to reach out to their target market and engage with them.


But in order to fully utilize their potential, it’s not enough to use social media alone. Using analytic tools together with them is most ideal as they can help you analyze your audience and their behavior online much better.

Many of you are very familiar with Google Analytics. It’s a popular analytics tool by search engine giant Google that can be used in multiple social media platforms. But there are new tools you can use today that can help you improve your social media performance.


This free and easy-to-use tool is best used with Facebook page. What it does is analyze your page in comparison with other pages, gives it a grade from 0 to 100 and provides suggestions on how to further improve your page. The recommendations can include comments by fans, questions, frequency of posts and posts by fans.

You would know in which areas your page is doing okay through the green ticks. The red X’s are where you need improvement.

It’s simple to use because there’s no registration or setup required. All you need is to just enter your page name and a report will immediately be provided to you.


Mention monitors the web using keywords and when it is able to keep track of content related to those keywords, alerts are sent to you through social media or email.

Compared to other tools that are expensive, Mention offers a free version for a month and a paid plan as well.

The free trial has no strings attached because users can choose to continue with their free plan if they don’t decide to pay the monthly fee.

Social Crawlytics

This free tool analyzes content based on its popularity on a website. It then provides you with details on the sites where your content was shared and the frequency of it being shared. It also keeps track of authors on a blog whose content is shared the most.

By using this tool, publishers will be able to tailor their content according to the needs of their target audience. A scheduled report can be set up to provide an updated report on a website at your own chosen time.

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